More Than A Literary Festival

Thanks for joining us!

Historically, we have relied on corporate sponsorship. Now, through the Friends of the Bocas Lit Fest, you have the opportunity to support our work and increase our impact.

It’s no secret – we love Caribbean Literature, words and the unique ideas that our histories and stories afford us. And we know that you are just as passionate about the language, lingoes, and lexicography of our region. We have existed as a not-for-profit organisation since 2011, and through steady work, we’ve built a community dedicated to the advancement of Caribbean literature. We’ve nurtured emerging writers from the region, rekindled the joy of reading our literature for pleasure, instigated important conversations about arts and culture, and brought renowned and internationally-acclaimed writers to the stage at our annual festival.  

We are the only non-governmental, non-academic organization in the Caribbean dedicated on a year-round basis to the advancement of the literary sector in the entire region. All our training and development initiatives and prizes are open to Caribbean citizens everywhere. 

With your help, we can continue to:

  • Recognise, reward and promote excellence in Caribbean Literature
  • Assist emerging writers to establish careers through prizes and mentorship
  • Host affordable literary & publishing seminars and workshops to hone their skills
  • Create and tell Caribbean stories to Caribbean children
  • Support and help build the literary arts & cultural sector
  • Take Caribbean culture & stories to the world through the written word
  • And so much more.

Our 2020 Annual Report, produced for our 10th anniversary, gives a glimpse into a decade of our work and achievements. 

Corporate sponsorship and regional and international partnerships have enabled us to bring a host of free and valuable offerings to literature lovers everywhere and made the Bocas Lit Fest a valuable resource. 

Thank you for being a Friend of the Bocas Lit Fest and helping us advance this movement in every island, country and diaspora!

Give a gift of friendship

You can buy FBLF as a gift for a birthday or other special occasion. Following your purchase, you will receive an activation code that you will gift to the recipient to activate their account. We invite you to treat someone with a gift of the magic of words and ideas.

The Friends package levels are set to match the challenging times we are in and with the awareness of the many competing demands for support.  We hope that the pleasure you derive from our programming, along with successes achieved in promoting Caribbean literature, are enough for you to stay on board with us for years to come.

We will remind you annually to make your donation for the following year, effective from the anniversary of the date that you sign up.